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Cheer Up Cups 63 Miniature Animals Inside to choose from


Product Description

The Cheer Up Cups will make everyone smile! A choice of over sixty of the cutest miniature animals imaginable, above in a drop down option list. By clicking on the animal you are interested in, it's picture will appear. The perfect gift for everyone, including kids.
 These are all microwave and dishwasher safe, food safe, ovenproof, and 100% lead free.

Christmas Shipping: NOTE: December 13 is last to order for guarantee Christmas delivery without expedited shipping.After December 14, they may or may not make it in time for Christmas.  These ship from the West Coast, so the closer you are to the West Coast, the faster they will arrive

Each cup is about 11 ounces mug is approximately 4 inches in height and 3 1/2 inches in height. These ceramic mugs, along with miniature animals, start in the mind of their beholders. Using clay, the pieces take shape on the potters wheel. From these, a slip cast is created to make more of this design. As with all hand crafted pottery the coloring (tints) and size will vary slightly from piece to piece, making each piece a one-of-a-kind. Each piece is lead-free, microwave/dishwasher/oven/food safe!


Meet the team that works together to create create these creative fun pieces. Opposites, that's us, Leo & Aquarius, Fire & Water, organized & messy, yin & yang. We complement each other and somehow we have made it work for us for the last 30+ years. Swayze does all of the firings, he casts the pieces, makes our molds, does all the china painting, glazing, and pieces together the professionals and short subject miniatures. He makes all the frogs and turtles, anything that is green.

I make all the chubbier animal; the pigs, cows, cats, hippos and elephants. I do all the office work and manage the employees. I organize the stock, oversee orders, and pack for our shows.


When Swayze and I work on miniatures, we sit at the same table, working with the components (chairs, bases, books, tables, etc.), making the animals and composing the same piece.

For instance, on the last "teacher scene" we did, Swayze cast the base with the black board, he underglazed the "black" and then I etched the ABC's, 123's and "Teacher of the Year" on the board. Swayze put together the table, book, apple, ruler, and waste basket. I made the elephant holding a page of notes. The piece was then dried and fired. Once out of its first firing, it was underglaze and I drew the pattern on the floor. Swayze glazed the pieces, then pieced them together for their high firing. Once fired and out of the kiln the piece is china painted by Swayze and painted again. After this firing the piece is done!

New pieces are always fun. We exchange ideas, make different little pieces and communicate, looking at it each step of the process, making suggestions, then contributing color and positioning to the final step. Team work, there is nothing like it!



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